Zada Graphics, A Division of Sweetwater Printing, Inc.

13009 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90061
Tel. 310 324-2800
Fax. 310 324-0694





About Our Company

Zada Graphics has been in business for over 30 years in the commercial printing industry. Our modern facility is located in the Los Angeles area.

We are centrally located approximately 6 miles from downtown Los Angeles just off the Harbor Freeway (110) and within easy access to the 91, 405 and the 105 Freeways.

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Zada Graphics was started in 1968 by Sam Zada to serve local business and industry and has continuously grown to become a successful commercial printing company. Thirty years later, we are still family owned and managed giving management the control to operate and make daily decisions in regards to production and operation.

Zada Graphics is a member of PIA (Printing Industry of America) a Nationwide printing organization.

We adhere to the strict codes, standards and policies that PIA has established and that each and every printing company should strive to achieve in terms of quality, service and professionalism.

Customer service is our #1 priority. Each and every one of our employees makes the extra effort to service our customers. The average employee has been with our firm for 10 years and many have won prestigious awards. As a result of their dedication to the graphics field, they have taken the time to learn new and innovative methods of production, as well as mastering the traditional techniques of the industry.

Our company is very aware of the need to keep abreast of today's high technology, however we realize that every aspect of graphics is a craft, something that is too often lost in the world of high tech computerized communications. It is true that expediency and economics
are crucial, but quality must remain the primary objective in achieving excellent performance. We have made a point in investing in the future; recognizing the technological revolution that has forever changed the printing industry. The company now utilizes the most sophisticated tools for producing a job from concept to completion.

We are proud of our reputation and heritage, committed to serving our customers' needs old and new, Zada Graphics looks forward to the twenty-first century.

Zada Graphics, A Division of Sweetwater Printing, Inc.